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Do people still read these things???

A direct quote from a stranger: "You seem like Eminem goes surfing". If only they knew how accurate that statement was...

From Detroit to now residing in Los Angeles, Jonezen weaves the experiences from his life into his music. An athlete, avid surfer, and breaker of all rules, Jonezen has never let the norm define who he is or what life should look like.

Going from nearly dead due to addiction to now enjoying long-term sobriety, Jonezen works as a recovery coach in his free time. He aims to inspire others to identify what’s holding them back, follow their dreams, and do the work required to make positive change.

When asked about his career, Jonezen states, "There have been award wins, billboard charts, lots of press, numerous TV placements (NFL, UFC, 2k Games, WWE, Call of Duty, and more), tours, and even a guest spot playing myself in a Jamie Kennedy movie. All of that is cool, but it's not what I think about when I think about my run. I think about the fans, connecting with people, and how big of an impact I made."

His music defies all norms, genres, and labels. Bouncing from heavy rock/rap to acoustic songs, he refuses to be put in a box, writting whatever he feels in the moment. 


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